Wanderlust: Noun – a strong desire to travel.

That’s where it begins, isn’t it? In a world which champions routine, our inner-child is itching to get out and play; to explore and be spontaneous – to experience the world. So why don’t we all just DO it? Because the economic climate constrains us and limits our travelling prospects. We want to travel but we don’t want to have to sacrifice our comforts (or necessities) to afford it.

Who would? This is why many of us settle for one holiday a year in an ordinary location with sufficient, but unexciting, accommodation. There must be a better way to see the world, surely?

Enter: campervanning. To help convey the wonders of campervanning in a succinct and digestible form (we could go on about it for hours!) we’ve compiled a list of attributes that make it so popular.


Now, this varies depending on who you go to for your campervanning experience, of course. But as a rule, campervanning is a more cost-effective option than travelling by plane and staying in hotels and such like. If you add up all the travel costs, accommodation, transfers and whatever you spend at the airport getting duty free (we’re not judging!) or just a pre-flight meal, you can end up spending a small fortune. At Southampton VW Camper Hire not only are our prices around half what you’d pay for your usual low-cost accommodation sleeping up to 4, but we charge by the night rather than the day (unlike our competitors) which means you essentially benefit from an extra day with the VW California!

A classic VW campervan parked up, overlooking a scenic lake.


One of the beautiful things about caravanning is the freedom to chop and change as you wish. Change your mind about a destination at the last minute? No problem – be spontaneous! Decide to stay somewhere enchanting an extra few nights – why not?! There’s no need to be tied down to a singular destination nor a strict distance to travel. Of course some camper van companies limit your mileage but here at Southampton VW Camper Hire your mileage is unlimited (yes – you heard that right), so the world is your oyster.


Social media is saturated with pictures of glamorous, luxurious campers in plush vehicles and it can seem too good to be true – but we promise, it’s not. Another reason that campervanning is so in demand is that despite the attractive cost factor, you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your accommodation. The VW California comes jam-packed with luxury in the form of quality upholstery, a fully fitted kitchen, comfy seats and sleeping areas, a rising roof to allow you more space to move around and many more features which you can view here.

A VW campervan parked up infront of a church with a canopy and deck chairs.

The Option for Privacy

Another reason that campervanning is so appealing is that it allows you to have complete privacy when you need it. If you’re someone who doesn’t like the hustle and bustle of busy airports/trains/ buses, etc, (who does?!) then the camper is a perfect solution. You can stay in your own safe haven whilst also finding the most amazing views – which you can look at from the comfort of your cosy accommodation. If you like the idea of a rural quiet camp then that’s what you can have. The VW California is actually equipped with shades which cover all the windows and the windscreen – giving you total peace when you need it. The great thing about campervanning is that you have the choice for privacy or for socialising depending on your mood.


Leading on from the last point – you can switch your pitching place depending on your mood. If you’ve had enough of the quiet private life, you can switch it up and find a caravanning park and become part of a community for part of your getaway. While the secluded and peaceful getaway is perfect for some, a more lively friendly, social scene is what others crave. Many people have the most fond memories from the neighbourly, welcoming holidays they’ve enjoyed in caravanning parks.

When it comes down to it, these all relate to one thing – choice. We humans just want to be able to explore and choose how we do so. Because really, what is more magical than venturing into our surroundings with the aim of connection; whether it be with our family, friends we haven’t met yet, nature or ourselves – that’s what life is about, right?

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