VW California T6.1 for Hire

Our VW California T6.1 for hire service is available now. You can rent our VW California Ocean T6.1 from our Southampton based location immediately, they are all ready to go for the season. With a new more modern look, electronic dashboard and smoother ride you will definitely enjoy the upgrade over the T6

Typically, there are no hotels at the most lovely and beautiful or inaccessible locations in the world, unless of course, you were able to bring your own. Securely parked-up in your trusty California T6.1 Ocean campervan, not only provides you with a fantastic view against the breathtaking scenery, but also, on a cloudless night, offers an unforgettable view of a galaxy of stars.

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A studio image of a brown and white VW campervan.


WIDTH 1.9m
LOWER BED 2m x 1.15m
UPPER BED 2m x 1.20m
WATER 30 litres
GEARBOX Automatic
LICENSE No special requirements
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Iconic and Inspirational

VW has surpassed all competition in every aspect with the new VW California T6.1 campervan built for style, comfort and convenience. With a history of reliability and being the “peoples transport” it had a lot to live up to, however, they have outdone themselves again. Volkswagen has been manufacturing the California for over 30 years, constantly refining and improving the design. It is arguably the most popular and successful camper vans of its kind, small wonder it is Winner of the Camper Van of the Year 2019. Southampton Campers is proud to welcome the VW California Ocean 6.1 to its fleet, offering a complete VW California for hire experience focussing on the highest quality California Ocean model and specialising in the aesthetically pleasing two-tone colour schemes. We think it adds an additional wow-factor to the look of the campervan, it certainly turns a few heads and the children love it!

Can we bring our dog in the VW California Ocean T6.1?

Furry co-pilots are welcome to join in on the adventure. We allow one Labrador sized or two Westie sized dogs in our vehicles.

Please ensure they are well behaved and properly restrained whilst travelling.

Dog Friendly
A photo of a dog inside of a VW campervan.

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How much to hire a VW California T6.1?

The average cost to hire a VW California Campervan is £885 for 7 nights in Summer.

Our Weekend hires run from Friday to Monday. We are closed Sundays

Our minimum hire period is 2 nights.

For a tailored quotation to suit your personal requirements, please head over to our online quote system or give us a call on 07817 018407.

* For August we only allow a minimum hire period of 7 nights, you may bring the vehicle back earlier, but the 7-night minimum charge still applies.

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3 images of a brown and white VW campervan available for hire from Southampton campers.


Externally the California T6.1 has been subtly tweaked by the designers. Not that it needed much, it was always a great looking campervan. The front-end has a reshaped front grille and more aggressively restyled front bumper. LED headlights are now standard fit completing the more modern look of the front. The rear has also not been forgotten, with remodelled LED rear lights and more pleasing design shapes when illuminated.

The wings now have the word ‘California’ crafted into them which blends into the side repeating indicators, a small touch, but helps to remind you that you are looking at a premium campervan. New wheels and additional colour options complete the exterior modifications. For our money, the two-tones are where it’s at and really lifts the vehicle from ‘nice’ to ‘sublime’.

The compact dimensions of the campervan remain. Still measuring only (4.9 m x 1.9 m), its demure size makes this a really go-anywhere campervan. Want to visit ALL of the famous Scottish NC500 landmarks? This campervan will get you there without worrying about squeezing through the narrow and twisty parts. Parking sensors all around and the reversing camera are the icing on the cake for all of you intrepid explorers.

For the practical bits that VW don’t provide, Southampton Campers has got you covered.
To enable you to hit the road and get started immediately on your New Adventure, we supply the following:

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  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • VW Assist – Breakdown and roadside assistance
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Mains hook-up cable
  • Gas bottle
  • Crockery – Plates, Cups, Bowl, Glasses, Mugs etc
  • Cutlery- Knives Forks Spoons, Sharp Knifes
  • Tin opener, bottle opener and corkscrew
  • Kettle
  • Washing up bowl
  • Washing up liquid
  • Sponge/cloth
  • Tea Towels
  • Frying Pan and Saucepans
  • Cooking utensils
  • Colander
  • Cheese grater
  • Scissors
  • Chopping Board
  • Separate single ring camping stove + spare canister – to allow you to enjoy cooking under the awning


VW has given us a new dashboard. Much more driver-focussed with a curved design that angles the instruments towards the driver, it’s an improvement over the T6 with its flat functional appearance. Taking centre-stage is the new electronic dashboard, the main focal point. Here you can customise the dials to depict an array of information. We like the ability to show the satellite navigation directly in the driver’s eye-line without having to glance away that the T6 forced you to do. The infotainment system has also been upgraded with a bigger and more responsive screen.

VW have listened to feedback and have added the option to listen to the radio whilst parked up. The older model turned off after 20 minutes to save the engine battery but the T6.1 is a bit more clever and now uses the leisure batteries to avoid a flat starter battery, sometimes it’s the little things that matter! USB Type-C connections have now also replaced the older Type-A, moving with the times and reaffirming that this is a campervan for the modern age.

A new leather-bound steering wheel sets off the cockpit changes and cements the quality appearance of all the dials and controls. For California aficionados the “Comfort” dashboard has gone, there is no longer a choice. We think that’s a shame, the comfort dashboard allowed you to hide stuff away but this dashboard sports a more open look, with cubbies and nooks always open to view. We do welcome the more conveniently located cup-holders though.

An interior photograph of one of the VW campervans available for hire from Southampton campers.
A photo of the steering wheel and centre console inside of a VW campervan.

We have cleaned our campervans a lot!  Trust us.  We have always felt that the light grey colour and material selections of the T6 California was an…errr…interesting choice!

Thankfully VW has listened and opted for a darker palette this time around.  From the plastics, the seat covers to the carpets, all have had a much-needed shift into darker colours and more robust fabrics.

A photo of the rear seats and worktop inside of a VW campervan.

Perfectly equipped, for every journey

Campervan holidays allow you to be completely self-sufficient, that is why the VW California T6.1 comes with a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare something fresh at any time. If you are stuck for inspiration just have a look at the VW Campervan Cookbook that we supply as part of your campervan hire experience.

There are many other features that you will appreciate especially if your travels take you further afield than a campsite with on-site facilities. A 30-litre fresh water tank, a 42-litre compressor fridge and two dedicated leisure batteries giving you light and power to be off the beaten track for a number of days.

The VW California is renowned for its clever storage of the onboard table and chairs. Release these from their clever hidey-hole, retract the outside awning, get the beers out of the fridge and…….relax! The bottle opener is in the kitchen drawer, top-right, ok?

Photograph of a man closing the boot door of a VW campervan.
A collection of photos of people enjoying their time inside of a VW campervan.

Comfort in a small space

When you hire a VW California T6.1, you will have a personal hand-over of all the features when you collect your vehicle from our campervan hire service, it will quickly feel like home and things are best in your own home. Especially if your home is on wheels and can come with you to remote locations.

The California T6.1 provides this boundless freedom. Imagine waking up in the loft bed with a clear view of the horizon. Watching nature’s finest mornings as the sun comes up with the panoramic window open is a truly magnificent experience. In the afternoon, relax in the lounge area of the comfy living space and make full use of the new fully reclining feature of the bench-seat.

When the evening rolls around everyone can come together over a meal, with pleasantly dimmed LED background lighting to set the mood. Experience the built-in artificial sunrise feature as the California gently wakes you into a new day. Where will your campervan take you today?

Kitchen Comforts

The fully functioning kitchenette of the VW California Ocean was always a sleek design. Made from composite, air-craft grade aluminium, VW has built on this form-factor and made the units more modern looking by sharpening the angles and updating the handles for a more tactile experience.

The surface decor has been changed for a more elegant slate look, coupled with the darker colour choices, it really makes the whole experience more inviting. Quickly looking at the features you will find a 42-litre compressor fridge with salad basket, flexible worktop design, ample cupboard space, and a stainless steel sinkstove combination with a two gas burner hob and running water.

Quite simply, everything you need for a comfortable camping trip.

Photo of the pull out table inside of a VW campervan.

Stowage compartment

Often forgotten about, some customers who have hired a VW California from us go the whole trip without noticing this convenient multi-use storage area. It’s integrated into the narrow window above the fridge. It’s an ideal place for storing herbs, spices and all your knick-knacks. Simply slide it to the rear to provide an additional window, allowing you just a bit more of that vista to enjoy!

Kitchen cupboards

Accessible via two sliding doors, VW have updated the catches which are now much easier to use and a welcome change to the slightly fiddly locks of before. Importantly the doors can be accessed whilst the lower bed is extended, just remember to put the cups on the top shelf within easy reach for the morning coffee!

Flexible worktop

The concealed internal table can be moved along the rail and extended with the flip-up table leg to provide a food prep area, a dining table or the foundation for a serious game of UNO. Don’t forget to use the handy supplied strap that attaches to the headrest to allow you to use the table in a way that doesn’t compromise on floor space.

 Sink & stove

Flipping up the glass countertops, reveals the two-burner gas hob and sink with removable washing-up bowl. The ignition switch is piezo as you would expect, no searching for matches here. Don’t worry about the gas, it’s included when you hire a VW California from us at no extra cost.

42 Litre fridge

The 42-litre fridge is a design marvel and is usable whilst travelling or stationary. Cavernous, compact and efficient best describes it. Top-loading so you can access it no matter what the position of the bench seat and efficient so the cold air doesn’t fall out the bottom as soon as you open the door….like other fridges. Powered by the two dedicated leisure batteries it will keep your beers cold for 4 days in the blazing summer sunshine whilst parked up at Camp Bestival….go on….ask me how I know! 🙂

Cosier than ever

The California always was a place of serenity and calm to be in, not much has changed in that regard, the captain seats still swivel 180° allowing everybody to socialise together, the amazing auxiliary heater is still there to ensure you are always warm and cosy even on the chilliest nights, so for this iteration, mostly minor tweaks are to be found. However, Volkswagen does not like to rest on its laurels and has given us something new to appreciate.

New for you to enjoy when you hire the T6.1 California Ocean from us, is the lounge-recline function of the lower bed. Allowing you to adjust the bed in any position you find comfortable. Simply pull on the strap, lie back and release, and there you are! A perfect position for reading a book, watching a film on your iPad, or if you’re inclined, open the panoramic window of the pop-top roof and enjoy the view of the stars in the evening sky. Fantastic.

Sleeping on the lower bed has also been improved with a new mattress which is both slimmer yet more comfortable by choosing more modern materials.

Artistic photo of the rear lights and boot space of a VW campervan.
A woman and 2 children having a laugh inside of a VW campervan.
A man closing the sun shades inside of his van.
An image showcasing what curtains are supplied with the VW campervan for hire.

Integrated Blinds

Cleverly concealed in the A-pillars, the front windscreen can be blacked-out by extending the two roller blinds and attaching the two magnetic curtains to the side windows completes the transformation for the cabin area.

Moving into the rear and middle sections, you will again find concealed roller blinds, simply extend these for total black-out and complete privacy.

The outside of the blinds have an aluminium reflective coating to provide additional protection against heat and this, paired with the double-glazed heat-insulating glass, is sure to keep you feeling comfortable.


Volkswagen has upgraded the cupboard section in the rear and middle sections of the California T6.1. Gone are the concertina-style tambor doors and instead, we have swish slate-effect doors with aluminium trims and new style handle designs, which allow for slightly more storage over the previous model giving a more premium finish to the aesthetics.

​You’ll also find a fold-down storage compartment fitted above the backrest on the bench seat with a storage capacity of up to 45 litres. This is a great area for storing things such as light-weight towels and pyjamas. There is nothing worse than getting ready for bed and then realising all the children’s pyjamas are still packed into the boot and now you have to exit the van in the inky blackness, in the pouring rain, to get into the boot area to retrieve them. Go on, ask me how I know!​

As if that wasn’t enough you’ll find a truly huge storage area under the bench seat which can hold approximately 60 litres. As part of your Volkswagen California hire experience, in here you will find an external gas barbecue for your convenience, and to allow you to hopefully enjoy the experience of cooking outdoors.

A woman using the storage space inside of a VW campervan.
Storage draws underneath the rear seats inside of a VW campervan.
Images showcasing some of the features of the campervan control unit.

Camper control unit

The old-style camper control unit has finally been replaced with a more modern, sleek, glossy and highly responsive touch control interface much like an iPad. This provides a more intuitive and premium feel to interacting with the camper controls and the larger screen now allows important information to be displayed graphically.

With this new incarnation, Volkswagen have added two new features; a handy levelling display to ensure you can position the camper so that your head is always above your feet when you sleep, and a LED sunrise function to gently and calmly wake you in the morning, mimicking nature’s sun rays

Final thoughts

Is the California T6.1 ground-breaking? No, not really, but it already worked so well there wasn’t much that needed to change.

Yes, we’ve got a more modern look and the new features are welcome but we don’t think this fundamentally changes the campervan experience. It was already superb.

Whatever you decide, Southampton Campers, have both the T6 and the T6.1 available to hire so why not experience both for yourself and make up your own mind?

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Can We Leave Our Car With You?

You most certainly can. We have ample parking at our location and you are welcome to leave a single vehicle with us whilst you are out adventurering. The vehicle will be off the public highway, behind a locked gate and out of sight from the general public. Please note that customers leave their vehicles with us solely at their own risk.

How to hire a VW California T6.1

You can hire a VW California T6.1 and experience this amazing vehicle yourself at Southampton Campers. Simply head over to our online bookings page, choose your dates and any extras that you may need and checkout online. Or you can call our office on 07817 018407 if you prefer to talk it through.

Thinking of owning your own VW California Ocean T6.1?

If you are using our VW California T6.1 for hire service as a try before you buy, then we have some exciting news. Our partners at Breeze Van Centre in Poole are offering a £500 discount off the California Ocean when you hire a VW Grand California from us and then go on to purchase from them.

What a great way to check out the VW California Ocean is the vehicle of your dreams

Looking for something bigger?

If the California Ocean T6.1 is not scratching your particular itch then why not take a look at our Grand California 600.


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