New Forest


New Forest

Hiring a campervan for your holiday is a cost-effective way to enjoy the camper before committing to purchasing one. It’ll also provide an affordable alternative to renting a chalet or house, it will also grant you the freedom to explore the area.

Hiring a campervan is a great way to have an affordable holiday break that involves some wonderfully scenic walks around the New Forest. The New Forest itself is a very popular place for campervan holidays and weekend trips; with so much to explore in the area, both in the villages and the woodland areas. The perfect getaway for anyone looking to find some peace and quiet for a weekend or to create some great memories with the family for a trip adventuring around the area.

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The variety of campsites around the New Forest will leave you spoilt for choice! Located across the area; some of the most popular sites surround Lyndhurst and Brockenhurst. This means that you’re never too far away from local necessities and shopping opportunities. It also means that you will be able to visit some of the top sites such as; the New Forest Reptile Centre or the New Forest Heritage Centre Museum, which can be found in the heart of Lyndhurst.

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Sometimes the most amazing campsites don’t have toilets; the scenery is perfect, the location is great but it doesn’t have that critical facility. The Matley Wood Campsite fits this description; just outside of Lyndhurst and less than a mile away from the outstanding Beaulieu Road Inn, it really is a stunning place but doesn’t provide toilets.

You can hire a range of those little needed extras for your trip from us, such as a Porta Potti and Privacy Tent from our Southampton VW Camper extras selection. Of course, if the only thing missing from your holiday plans is to cater for the furriest member of your family, a dog-friendly campervan is going to be a must! Check out our advice on dog friendly campervan hire for more information on your options with that.

Below are just a few of our recommended places to visit in your campervan around the New Forest.


Known very much as the capital of the New Forest, this bustling town is a great place to visit for so many reasons. It is certainly the central town in the area and has been for a very long time. It was originally established in 1079 by William the Conqueror. The town has a stunning gothic church with Pre-Raphaelite windows and a wonderful fresco to enjoy.

Lyndhurst isn’t just about history, however. It is a great place to re-supply your campervan before heading out to a quiet scenic spot to enjoy the ponies and livestock in peace. There is a supermarket that is perfect for all your provisions but there are also many other smaller shops for everything from presents for family and friends to artisan food, antiques, toys and so much more.

As well as the shops there, of course, some lovely places to eat and some great pubs too!

Lyndhurst can get busy in the summer and the one-way system, while very well set out, does get clogged up. It is very much worth a visit but it can be best to plan a trip there earlier in the morning if you are hiring your campervan during the summer holidays for example.

A photo of a VW campervan available for hire in The New Forest.
Southampton campers offer campervan hire in The New Forest.

With so much history, you may need a little longer to absorb all that the New Forest has to offer!

But that’s OK, you’ll be thankful that you made the smart decision to hire a camper van from us as your VW California is built for comfort and relaxation, so you can always return to it for a cuppa and a nap.

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New Forest Walks

The town and villages in the New Forest area all play host to a variety of nature walks and picturesque scenery. Perfect for anyone looking for an amazing destination for their campervan holiday this year and loves the great outdoors. These walks are a great opportunity for some exercise and wonderful photo or two along the way.

While we love to recommend walking as a way to see the New Forest when you are staying in one of our Campervans you do not need to hike for miles to enjoy this stunning area. The joy of a campervan is that you can park up and take a small stroll and still feel emersed in the unique place that is the New Forest.

If you hire one of our campervans in The New Forest, you can see all of the amazing wildlife.
Hire a New Forest campervan and enjoy some gentle walks in The New Forest.

Gentle Walks

The first more sedate walk we recommend is the roughly mile-long walk through Bolderwood; starting at Bolderwood car park, this gentle walk will take you through the peaceful forest near the Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary.

For a wider variety of scenery, we would highly recommend taking a walk around the short loop of the Whitefield Moor, that follows the Ober Water stream.

This route is a wonderful family walk and dog friendly too; providing you with a variety of beautiful surroundings and rich wildlife. For a New Forest Access For All route; Hatchet Pond is an excellent choice. Serving as the largest area of freshwater in the New Forest, this almost two-mile walk is located just outside the village of Beaulieu.

Starting at the Hatchet Pond car park, where during the summer months refreshments provided by local ice cream vans can be enjoyed, this beautiful stretch of water gives you the opportunity to take the perfect family photo of this year’s campervan holiday adventure.

Activity Walks

If you have a sweet tooth and enjoy a good snack to go along with your walk, the Burley Food Trail is the right choice for you. This walking route will stretch between three and five miles, depending on whether you include a trip to the old railway line near the Old Holmsley Tearooms. This wonderful walk grants you the opportunity to sample New Forest cider and some traditional handmade sweets and fudge from the local Burley Fudge Shop. You can also enjoy old tales of dragons and legends of smugglers that used to operate in the area.

For anyone that has a passion for history; the almost three mile walk along the edge of Castle Hill and Godshill will be a dream walk. The tranquil woodland and field paths guide you to the site of an Iron Age hill fort and then onto views of the Avon Valley and if you walk a little further for a detour you’ll find yourself at the Castle Hill Fort itself. A great mix of local history and a range of views.

Finally, for those looking for a walk with a mix of woodland and village areas and maybe allows for some light shopping, a walk around Brockenhurst Village is ideal. Starting at Brockenhurst railway station; this picturesque little village sits in the heart of the New Forest The splendid five mile walk talks you around the outside and through the village itself; highlighting some of its fantastic scenes such as St Saviour’s Church.

These were just some of the local walks around the New Forest, there are many more available to you and we encourage you to come back year after year with your campervan and experience as many as you can!

Enjoy one of the many activity filled walks when hiring one of our New Forest campervans.
It is fair to say the New Forest is a very unique place and not least because of the presence of a range of native wildlife and free-roaming livestock. If you are looking to hire a campervan for a trip in and around the New Forest there it is important to be aware of the various animals you may encounter and how to behave around them.
If you are not used to being around free-roaming ponies then it is important to understand they are not something o be worried about. They are very used to people and in some cases perhaps a little to comfortable around us. As with all wildlife, it is important not to leave food lying around your campervan. The wonderful thing about a camper is that you can lock everything away so it won't create a tempting snack for a pony or two. When driving your camper around the New Forest it is important to stick to the speed limits as always but be extra vigilant as there are more than just ponies wandering around. Keep an eye out for deer, sheep, and cattle too, you may even spot the odd donkey or pig as well.
You will be amazed to see how relaxed many of the animals are. It is not uncommon to be walking around one of the lovely little villages in the New Forest and find large cattle sitting chewing the cud almost on someone front lawn. Ponies will also make their way around most parts of the forest. There are areas with cattle grids to keep the livestock away from certain areas but generally, they have free reign. Whether your dog is happy to be around livestock or not please be extra careful as many of the ponies will have foals and in the spring there will be lambs around. The animals are very used to dogs but it is always good to be extra careful.
New Forest campervans offer the option to attach a bike rack for adventures.
Southampton campers offer New Forest campervan hire.


If you are keen cyclists, don’t forget we have bike racks for hire that can be attached securely to the campervan, you just need to specify these when completing your booking.

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Nearby Campsites

Hire a New Forest campervan and visit Aldridge Hill.

Aldridge Hill

This very pretty site is a great place for relaxing in your campervan. Views of Blackwater Stream and Ober Water as well as free roaming ponies and other livestock.

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Hire one of our New Forest campervans and enjoy the Setthorns views.


Quiet and peaceful are two words that spring to mind here. Get back to nature and really enjoy your campervan hire with all the animals around you.

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Enjoy the many sights in Ashurst when you hire one of our New Forest campervans.


The campsite sits in a wonderful glade giving plenty of shaded areas for those hot summer days. It offers very level ground which is great for campervans if you are new to getting them level. This is a popular spot for our customers.

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Review the availability of our New Forest campervans. BOOKING AVAILABILITY

We have made booking your New Forest VW campervan hire experience simple. To use our hire service you can see our up to the minute availability by visiting our website or call us about your campervan rental needs. The New Forest is easy to get to, with only a small trip along the M27 to be into the Forest itself.

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Our base in Southampton is only 8-10 mintues away from The New Forest and we are conveniently located near to Junction 3 of the M27. Within a few minutes of leaving the motorway you could be at our HQ picking up the keys to your campervan and heading off on your very own road-trip.

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