VW Grand California for Hire

We are excited to welcome the Volkswagen Grand California 600 onto our hire fleet. This vehicle has an automatic gearbox and is effortless to drive. You can rent our VW Grand California from our Southampton based location now, she is all ready to go for the season. With a fixed shower, toilet and hot and cold running water she is made for Grander adventures than her T6 and T6.1 California sisters.

Some call it “Wanderlust” others “Wayfairing". No matter what you call it, join the VW Grand California in quenching your longing for unknown places and great independence. That’s exactly what the VW California has been standing for decades. You’ll feel the familiar VW passion, the clever design features and the quality of the execution in bringing you this self-contained adventure vehicle. Built for bigger adventures, the Grand California offers you a bit more of everything with a fully equipped holiday home, including a fixed bed, shower and toilet facilities. More space. More comfort. More freedom.

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A photo of a blue and white 2 tone VW Grand California.
3 images showcasing the bed space inside of a VW Grand California.

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Lonely mountain villages. Abandoned beaches. Remote hiking routes. Exciting trips are even more fun when you know you can rely on your travel partner anywhere, anytime. The Grand California will bring you reliably to your destination – even if you may not even know it yet. That’s part of the fun and with all the features that the VW Grand California 600 has to offer you are completely self-sufficient. Choose your compass point and you are off, fully backed-up with the support staff from Southampton Campers should you need us, and VW Assist when we can’t get to you


LENGTH 5.9 m
HEIGHT 2.9 m
WIDTH 2.4 m
SLEEPS 2+2 (2 adults, 2 children)
REAR BED 1.9 m x 1.3 m
UPPER BED 1.9 m x 1.2 m
GEARBOX Automatic
WATER 110 litres (Hot & Cold)
LICENSE No special requirements
HEATING Mains Electric, Gas/Diesel

How much to hire a VW Grand California?

The average cost to hire a VW Grand California is £1310 for 7 nights in Summer.

Our weekend hires run from Friday to Monday. We are closed Sundays.

Our minimum hire period is 2 nights.

For a tailored quotation to suit your personal requirements, please head over to our online quotation tool or give us a call on 07817 018407.

* For July & August we only allow a minimum hire period of 7 nights, you may bring the vehicle back earlier, but the 7-night minimum charge still applies.

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Can we bring our dog in the VW Grand California?

Furry co-pilots are welcome to join in on the adventure. We allow one Labrador sized or two Westie sized dogs in our vehicles.

Please ensure they are well behaved and properly restrained whilst travelling.

Dog Friendly
Photo of a dog inside of a VW campervan.
Photo of the cooker and sink installed inside of a VW Grand California.

Everything. Including the Kitchen Sink

With the two-gas burner stove top, sink with hot and cold running water, fridge, freezer and ample storage space, you have everything you need to prepare your own tasty meals at any time. A folding tap collapses out of the way when not required and the glass tops double as a convenient worktop. There is also a pop-up worktop extension panel at the end of the unit to give you a little extra space when preparing for cooking. Grand California, grand cuisine.

When you rent a VW Grand California, you will be mightily impressed with the 70-litre fridge with freezer compartment.

This clever design allows for easy access whether you are inside or outside dining in the evening air or perhaps you just need easy access to a cold beverage in the summer sun.

The clever engineers at Volkswagen have thought of everything

Photo of the 70 litre fridge freezer compartment inside of a VW Grand California.

For the practical bits that VW don’t provide, Southampton Campers has got you covered.
To enable you to hit the road and get started immediately on your Grand Adventure, we supply the following:

Logo for Southampton campers brand.
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • VW Assist – Breakdown and roadside assistance
  • 875 miles per week mileage allowance
  • Mains hook-up cable
  • Gas bottle
  • Crockery – Plates, Cups, Bowl, Glasses, Mugs etc
  • Cutlery- Knives Forks Spoons, Sharp Knifes
  • Tin opener, bottle opener and corkscrew
  • Kettle
  • Washing up bowl
  • Washing up liquid, sponge/cloth
  • Tea Towels
  • Complimentary tea & coffee to get you started
  • Frying Pan and Saucepans
  • Cooking utensils
  • Colander
  • Cheese grater
  • Scissors
  • Chopping Board
  • Separate single ring camping stove + spare canister – to allow you to enjoy cooking under the awning

Some adventures, you can do without!

One adventure no one enjoys are late night trips to the toilet blocks or the early morning rush for the showers. When you hire a VW Grand California you can leave that behind! The 110 litres of on-board water coupled with the hot water system brings a new aspect to the California. The spacious wet room allows for a comfortable morning shower and the cassette toilet provides a practical solution for the morning routine.

3 images showcasing the shower and clean space inside of a VW Grand California.

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Adventures in every season

VW have always built the California with all year round travel in mind. Every California available for hire from Southampton Campers comes with a powerful heating system and this Grand California 600 is no exception. The Grand has a dedicated diesel air-blown heater that can be controlled by the intuitive touch screen control panel.

You can even set up a schedule, just like your heating system at home or just set the temperature you want and let the clever system handle keeping you comfortable. Imagine setting off in the sleepy off-season, empty campsites, less crowds, less traffic.

More freedom.

Sweet Dreams

Everyone likes to sleep in their own bed. The pillow is fluffy in the right way. And the mattress springs the way you like it. Admittedly, the sleeping experience at Grand California is a bit different. This is primarily because you hear the birds chirping quietly. Or the waves are roaring. Otherwise, everything is at home: At Grand California you always have your own bed with you.

This Grand California 600 offers plenty of space for peace and quiet with a spacious cross-bed, always made up, always ready to jump into at any moment. No converting the rear seat on this model!

A couple led in bed together inside of a VW Grand California campervan.


2 children led on a bed inside of a VW Grand California reading a magazine together.

Is it bedtime yet?

Your mini adventurers are catered for too! The top bunk bed has a lying length of 160 cm to 190 cm, enough for one or two small holidaymakers. The Grand California 600 provides their very own realm, which they can climb via a practical aluminium ladder. It is not only a sleeping place, but also a cuddly cave, a reading corner – and thanks to the panoramic roof even an observatory. The latter can be opened and secured with a mosquito net or completely darkened. Going to bed has never been so much fun: you don’t have to sleep right away.


Let there be light

Due to the two large roof hatches (0.70 m x 0.60 m) a lot of light comes into the motorhome during the day. And in the evening you can look at stars from the dinette or even from the bed. They can also be secured with mosquito nets or darkened with a pull-out roller blind.

A woman opening the sun roof inside of a VW Grand California campervan.
An image showcasing some of the storage options that come with a VW Grand California campervan.

Clever Storage

You will be sure to be able to have everything you need with you in your home from home on your Grand adventure. With plenty of storage space, including overhead lockers, storage under the rear bed and kitchen and bathroom. There is no need to compromise anymore, bring everything!

Comfy Living Space

When we decided to make available the VW Grand California for hire, we choose it for a number of reasons but primarily the comfy living space. The interior of the Grand is so light and airy, with clean lines it’s a relaxing place to be.

You will enjoy fantastic views throughout the vehicle with plenty of large windows and built in fly-screens on every opening you can really open up the vehicle and enjoy the full beauty of nature, without have to share things with its insects.

As you would expect with the California experience, VW have again provided two deck chairs neatly stowed in the rear doors of this vehicle. You will find the outside table and awning handle located nearby. Simply extend the handle and wind out the awning to make the most of the beautiful sunshine and the idyllic surroundings…wherever your adventures take you.

A father and 2 children eating around the pull out table inside of a VW Grand California.
An elderly lady looking outside through a window of the campervan.



The VW Grand California includes the latest technology and modern features you need
to make your adventure comfortable no matter how long you spend on the road.

A photo of the solar panel on top of the VW Grand California campervans.

Solar Panel

So that you can enjoy all the comforts of the vehicle no matter where you park it, a solar panel has been fitted to keep your batteries topped-up regardless of how far you are off the beaten track.

Heating System

The Grand California comes equipped with a powerful heating system ensuring that you are comfortable all year round. Cleverly located under the seat with multiple directional vents, allowing you to be nice and cosy just where you want it.

The touchscreen panel allows you to monitor and set the system to a comfortable temperature for you. You can even set a schedule, just like at home.

Photo of the heating system that is installed inside VW Grand California campervans.


Hidden power sockets and a fold down desk inside of the VW Grand California campervan.


Being on holiday in your rented Grand California is the time for you to re-charge your human battery but we can’t live without our gadgets these days so what about those? Around the vehicle you will find six USB ports, four 230V sockets and one 12 v socket. We think that’s plenty to keep all of your essential gadgets happy.


Overhead lighting inside of the campervan.


With it’s big windows and skylights, the Grand California allows a huge amount of natural light into the vehicle so we don’t think it needs much in the way of additional lighting, but VW has not disappointed here either. Touch dimmable light strips are dotted all around the vehicle and edge lighting really makes the interior pop. You can also set the ambient lighting via the touchscreen to give you a choice of your favourite colours, will it be blue, green, red, or our favourite, orange. There is also an LED awning light to allow you to spend longer outside. So convenient, so clever.

Electric step

To ensure a comfortable and relaxing first experience when entering the California, an electric step extends to welcome you inside. The step will extend when you open the door and retracts when the door closes. You can also manually control the step with a touch of a button.

An electric step, installed to help get in and out of the campervan.



Can We Leave Our Car With You?

You most certainly can. We have ample parking at our location and you are welcome to leave a single vehicle with us whilst you are out adventurering. The vehicle will be off the public highway, behind a locked gate and out of sight from the general public. Please note that customers leave their vehicles with us solely at their own risk.

Can you drive a VW Grand California on a normal license?

The VW Grand California is under 3500 Kgs or 3.5 tonnes.  It can be driven by UK licence holders who have passed the standard car driving test.  No additional entitlements are required.

​For non-UK licence holders please check with your issuing licensing authorities for any specific weight restrictions.

How to hire a VW Grand California

You can hire a VW Grand California and experience this amazing vehicle yourself at Southampton Campers. Simply head over to our online bookings page, choose your dates and any extras that you may need and checkout online. Or you can call our office on 07817 018407 if you prefer to talk it through.

Thinking of owning your own VW Grand California?

If you are using our VW Grand California for hire service as a try before you buy, then we have some exciting news. Our partners at Breeze Van Centre in Poole are offering a £500 discount off the Grand California when you hire a Grand California from us and then go on to purchase from them.

What a great way to check out the Grand California is the vehicle of your dreams.

Looking for something smaller?

If the Grand California is not scratching your particular itch then why not take a look at our California Ocean T6.1.


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