Campervanning is becoming an increasingly popular holiday activity among Brits. In fact, campervan holidays in the UK increased by a whopping 58% in the first half of 2023 alone. Both domestic and international tourists partake in this as a way to explore the British countryside while experiencing the comforts of a mobile home.

Yet, while a campervan holiday can provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience, it’s best to prepare accordingly to stay safe—including protecting yourself from the sun. If you’re not careful, campervanning can expose you to heat, which can potentially result in heat strokes, sunburns, and eye damage.

To prevent these, here are some ways to beat the heat and protect yourself from the sun on a campervan holiday:

Ensure proper ventilation in your campervan

Although bigger than ordinary cars, campervans are still enclosed spaces. Heat can get trapped inside them easily, especially in warmer months. If you stay in your campervan when it’s hot out, you can experience heat stroke with telltale signs that include a rapid heartbeat, flushed skin, and dizziness.

Avoid this by opening the doors and windows of your parked campervan for proper ventilation. One open window isn’t enough, as air needs entry and exit points. It’s better to have these open windows or doors across each other for optimal ventilation. If it’s too hot, even with proper ventilation, spend time outside your campervan and rest under some shade

Wear sunglasses to shield your eyes

Aside from heatstroke, the sun can cause eye damage. Prolonged exposure to its UV rays can lead to blurred vision, excessive tearing, and cataract formation. You can also get blinded by the sun’s glare when driving your campervan, which may lead to accidents on the road.

That’s why it’s crucial to wear sunglasses to shield against UV rays and cut out the sun’s blinding glare whilst campervanning. Oakley’s sunglasses are among the best to consider for this purpose. They’re certified to block 100% UVA and UVB rays and use patented PRIZM lens technology to eliminate glare while improving visual acuity. Consider getting its Sielo sunglasses for ultimate comfort, as these are lightweight—perfect for hours of wear in the heat. They’re also durable thanks to their bio-based carbon content, meaning they can withstand your campervan holiday activities.

Apply sun cream

Staying under the sun for too long at the destinations you stop by can lead to sunburn, actinic keratosis (scaly skin patches), and basal cell carcinoma (the most common form of skin cancer). These conditions aren’t just painful—if you’re campervanning in hot conditions, they’ll exacerbate your discomfort.

To keep your skin cool and in good health, it’s therefore essential to apply sun cream every 2 hours or after you get sweaty. For maximum UV protection, look for one with a minimum SPF of 30 and a rating of PA+++. You can try My Block Skin to start. This emerging sun cream brand is used by professional athletes who spend long hours under the sun, so you can guarantee it’ll protect you. You may like its Clear Coat SPF 50 Gel: it has moisturising properties, is cool to the touch, and is suitable for various skin types.

Take showers to cool down

If you’re feeling a tad too warm at any point during your campervan holiday, take showers to cool your body. It dilates your blood vessels, helping your body dissipate heat. You can shower in your campsite’s provided area, but if there are none, we have some tips for showering in your campervan.

The first is to have your necessities nearby. This includes your towel, bathing suit, robe, and toiletries. If your campervan has no built-in shower, you can set up a showering tent nearby. Bring a bucket with a dipper to replace a traditional showerhead, and enjoy the water as it keeps you cool.

Campervan holidays should be fun and memorable. So, stay safe and protect yourself from the sun and heat to have the best holiday!

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