“Once upon a time, Glastonbury was a destination. Now it’s an adventure!”

Be the envy of everybody at the Glastonbury Festival when you hire a VW campervan from Southampton Campers. Just as soon as you have your Festival tickets, we are open for bookings!

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No matter what the unpredictable British weather decides to throw at you during the weekend of 26th – 30th June 2024, rest assured that you will stay dry and incredibly comfortable in one of our ultra-modern VW Campervans.   

Hire a Campervan for Glastonbury

Grand California 600










Grand California 600
2+2 Berth

From £154 per night

VW California Ocean T6.1








VW California Ocean T6.1
4 Berth

From £96 per night

We take pride in offering the very latest models available directly from the VW California production line, no dark and dingy builders’ van conversions from us! You can choose from the go-anywhere VW California Ocean or the Grand California.  Both are the highest quality and just the sort of place to chill out after a heavy day at the festival.

All of our campervans are equipped with an onboard kitchen, complete with a gas hob, sink, and fridge. We provide cooking utensils and all the other kitchen paraphernalia that you would reasonably expect for camping.  Instant heat is just a button click away with the powerful onboard diesel-powered heater.

Whether you’re located in the south of the UK or traveling from overseas to experience the world-famous Glastonbury Festival, you can easily find us near the M27 Junction 3, just after the Rownhams Services in Southampton, Hampshire.

Please note that we can’t offer tickets to Glastonbury Festival, so make sure to reserve your campervan pass separately before booking your campervan with us.

Hiring a VW campervan for Glastonbury is undoubtedly one of the finest options available for your stay at the extraordinary festival. With a plethora of enticing offerings, you and your fellow festival-goers are bound to create unforgettable memories!

Key Considerations when Renting a Campervan for Glastonbury Festival

Campervan Options– VW California Ocean T6.1: 4-berth, from £96 per night
– Grand California 600: 2+2 berth, from £154 per night
Campervan Features– Onboard kitchen, gas hob, sink, and fridge
– Diesel-powered heater for instant heat
– Comfortable and modern interiors
Why Hire a Campervan for Glastonbury?– Comfort, convenience, and freedom
– Avoid damp tents, enjoy personal amenities
Campervan Size Options– Compact VW California Ocean: 4-berth, easy to drive, well-equipped
– Medium-sized VW Grand California: Spacious, fully equipped, ideal for couples
Parking Near Festival Grounds– Dedicated campervan pitches with shuttle service
– Various pitch options with different distances to the festival
Glastonbury Festival Tickets and Campervan Parking– Separate campervan tickets available after the main ticket sale
– Limited availability, early booking recommended
What to Expect at Glastonbury Campsites– First-come, first-served basis for pitches
– 10-minute walk or shuttle ride from campervan fields to the festival
– Power source considerations: No 240v, but campervans operate on 12v and gas
– Water management and food/beverage recommendations
Age and Driving Requirements– Campervan hire age limits: 25 to 75 years
– Full driving license for a minimum of two years, proof of identity required
Campervan Hire Costs– Prices vary based on the campervan model
– Additional costs for optional extras like Porta Potti, bedding, awning room, extra driver
Benefits of Campervan Hire– Comfort, flexibility, freedom
– Invest in comfort for a unique festival experience
Booking Tips– Book well in advance for the best deals
– Consider the comfort and freedom that campervan hire brings
Conclusion– Campervans designed for comfort, flexibility, and freedom
– Book now to make Glastonbury dreams a reality

Why Hire a Campervan for Glastonbury Festival? 

More than just a convenient mode of transport and housing, hiring a campervan offers a unique, bespoke festival experience. The charm of a campervan stay lies in your ability to create a home away from home. It’s an experience in its own right, and it’s definitely sweeter when shared with loved ones. 

No matter the size of your group, or the nature of your festival adventure, Southampton Campers is your trusted source for Glastonbury campervan hire. So go on, inject a generous dose of freedom, adventure, and charm into your Glastonbury experience. You won’t regret it!

By opting for campervan hire for Glastonbury, you grant yourself the luxury of your own supply of cold drinks, the convenience of on-site toilets, the pleasure of fresh hot water (Grand California only), and most importantly, the reassurance of no damp tents! Enjoy Glastonbury to the fullest and relish your festival experience with our top-notch campervans.

Glastonbury Festival Campervan Tickets

If you want to immerse yourself in the unrivaled magic of the Glastonbury festival, the key is preparation. This highly coveted event unfolds at the conclusion of June, and ticket sales commence during the autumn of the preceding year, usually in early November. Such is the demand, tickets are snapped up very quickly.

Nevertheless, for the enthusiasts wishing to lap up the festival’s atmospheric charm from the snug comfort of their campervan, Glastonbury has provisions in place. Separate campervan tickets are offered, subsequent to the main admission ticket sale. 

To join in on the fun at Glastonbury Festival 2024, you must first register for the ticket sale.

The launch of general admission ticket sales begins sharply at 9 AM GMT on Sunday, the 5th of November 2023. Be ready to secure one of these fast-disappearing tickets!

What are the benefits of hiring a campervan for Glastonbury festival?

When it comes to the Glastonbury Festival, you might just be pondering, “Why go through the hassle of dragging my weary and mud-splattered self back to a flimsy tent amidst thousands of others, when I could be lounging in the creature comforts of a home on wheels?” Exactly, my friend! And it turns out you’re not alone in thinking this.

Hiring a campervan for the festival is becoming increasingly popular and for a collection of rather good reasons… 

Comfort is King 

Forget the deflated air mattresses and cramped tents. In a campervan, you’re bestowed with a proper bed, and a decent night’s sleep. Imagine this, after a day of dancing to your heart’s content and mingling with like-minded music lovers, you can retreat to your comfy, private haven. Plus, you’ve got well-equipped kitchen facilities at your fingertips, perfect for whipping up a nutritious breakfast to line your stomach for the day ahead. And trust me, your festival-weary body will thank you! 

Convenience is Your New Best Friend

A campervan hire is your ticket to a hassle-free Glastonbury experience. No queues for public loos or showers. We all know what Festival toilets are like! You get a toilet and shower (Grand California only), in your very own campervan, with no lines to wait in. Plus, under the protection of your campervan, your stuff is safe and dry, with no risk of soggy clothes, damp sleeping bags, or, heaven forbid, drowned smartphones. 

The Freedom of Mobility 

And let’s not forget, your campervan isn’t just a cosy abode, but a vehicle too! If you fancy a break before or after the festival buzz, you’re free to explore the beautiful Somerset countryside, in your own time and on your own terms. 

In A Nutshell… 

In short, hiring a campervan for Glastonbury festival offers you comfort, convenience, and freedom, spicing up the festival experience with a brilliant measure of luxury. So, if you fancy immersing yourself in the Glastonbury spirit without having to rough it in the mud, a campervan hire might just be your ticket to the perfect festival experience. 

What is the best campervan size for Glastonbury festival?

Now, to the crux of the matter you’re keen on resolving – the best campervan size for those hallowed Glastonbury grounds. It really depends on how many adults, what amenities are important to you and whether you have any plans before or after the festival. 

Compact VW California Ocean

The VW California Ocean campervan is a 4-berth, go-anyway campervan.  It’s a versatile and well-equipped vehicle that offers a range of features to enhance the camping experience. One of its key features is its compact size, which makes it easy to drive and maneuver, especially in crowded festival sites or narrow country lanes.

The campervan comes with a pop-up roof, providing additional headroom and sleeping space. This feature allows this campervan to comfortably sleep up to four adults, with a double bed in the main cabin and a second double bed in the roof area. The pop-up roof also has windows, allowing for natural light and ventilation. 

If it gets chilly at night, you can always rely on the powerful diesel heater to keep you warm and toasty or dry out those damp socks.

Inside the VW California Ocean, you’ll find a functional and stylish interior. It includes a fully equipped kitchenette with a sink, 2 gas burner hob, and fridge, allowing campers to prepare their own meals. The campervan also has a dining area with a table and seating, providing a comfortable space to enjoy meals or relax.

Find out more about the VW California Ocean

Medium sized VW Grand California

The VW Grand California campervan is a spacious and well-equipped vehicle that offers a range of features to enhance the camping experience. One of its standout features is its size, as it is larger than the traditional VW campervans, providing ample space for both living and sleeping areas.

This makes it ideal for longer trips or for those who just prefer more comfort and room to move around. The campervan also comes with a fully equipped kitchenette, complete with a sink, 2 gas burner stoves, refrigerator with a freezer compartment, allowing campers to prepare their own meals.

The separate bathroom is a wet room design with a shower, hot water, and of course a proper toilet. This allows campers to enjoy all the comforts of home whilst at the festival. The campervan also has a large sleeping area, with a comfortable fixed bed that can easily accommodate two adults.

There is an upper bed but this is only really made for children up to the age of 14-15 years old. Its dimensions are 1.9 m x 1.2 m, with limited head space. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!  The campervan also has a heating system, ensuring that you stay warm and comfortable even during colder nights.

This makes it an ideal choice for couples who want more space and the full bathroom experience. 

You can find out more about the VW Grand California, here

Can I park my campervan near the festival grounds during Glastonbury festival?

Walking to Festival

Good news, festival lover! You absolutely can park your campervan near the Glastonbury festival grounds – a convenience that is, quite frankly, music to your ears! 

Oh yes, the festival organisers have thought about everything, including your need to park your portable palace close to all the action. Glastonbury has dedicated campervan pitches for different sizes of vehicles, some nearer than others to the festival but all have a 24-hour free shuttle bus service to the festival site. 

  1. East Quiet Campervans/ Hired, Delivered Vehicle Pitches (Blue route):
    This is a pitch of up to 8m x 7m. It’s suitable for a vehicle of up to 8m in length. This is ideal for families, those with accessibility issues, and those looking for a quieter field. 10-minute walk to the outer areas of the festival and 20 minutes to the main stages. 
  2. East General Campervans (Blue route):
    This is a pitch of up to 8m x 7m. It’s suitable for a vehicle of up to 8m in length. It’s basically the same as the first option, without the rules around noise. 10-minute walk to the outer areas of the festival and 20 minutes to the main stages. 
  3. Bath & West Campervans Regular Pitch (White route):
    This is a pitch of up to 8m x 7m. It’s suitable for a vehicle of up to 8m in length. It is located at the Bath & West Showground, with a 24-hour free shuttle bus service to the festival site. So it’s basically the same as the second option, but further away from the festival grounds. 
  4. Bath & West Campervans Large Pitch (White route):
     This is a pitch of up to 16m x 7m. It’s suitable for a vehicle of over 8m in length. It is located at the Bath & West Showground, with a 24-hour free shuttle bus service to the festival site.  We’ve mentioned it here for completeness but we don’t offer any vehicles this large.

With our campervans, you can take your pick out of options 1 to 3.

Now, you’re probably thinking: ‘Surely, this divine convenience comes with a catch’. To which we say: sort of. The truth is, the campervan pitches are in high demand due to limited availability, so you need to be on the ball to secure a spot. Make sure you buy a campervan ticket in addition to your festival ticket as early as possible. This ticket will allow you to park your campervan in the designated area. 

Before you break out in a cold sweat, let’s reassure you, it’s not a Hunger-Games-first-to-reach-the-bread kind of situation. The festival releases tickets in waves and even has a resale if some eager beavers decide not to go. So you just need to stay tuned to their official website or social media channels for ticket release updates. 

Just a couple of friendly words of caution though: Glastonbury is a festival that truly cares about Mother Earth. They have a Campervan and Caravan area Eco Check List for campers to adhere to, to ensure we all do our bit to keep our planet more melody than mosh pit. Also, remember the good ship campervan needs to be a proper sleep-on-board vehicle and not just a car with a mattress chucked in the back.

So, can you park your campervan near the Glastonbury festival? As long as you’re ready to follow the rules and practice a bit of swift ticket-purchasing, then absolutely: yes! Let the music play on.

What to expect at the Glastonbury Festival campsites?

Arriving at the Glastonbury campervan site 

The gates to the campervan fields swing open promptly at midday on Tuesday, staying open until 14:00 on the closing Sunday. There’s no early bird access to the field, unfortunately, so plan accordingly and be sure to factor in the roads to the festival will be busy.

It’s a first-come, first-served allocation basis for pitches so if you’re yearning for a prime spot, it’s always best to beat the clock and arrive with plenty of time. Particularly, if you want to park alongside your pals in a comradely conclave of campervans, timing is key. There’s a catch though – you must arrive in unison, as pitches can’t be reserved for your companions in advance.

Once you’ve nabbed your pitch, you’re free to unfurl your awning and transform your humble pitch into a snug enclave. Our hot tip? Get everything organised from the get-go. Ignore the enticing initial pull of the ongoing festivities, and focus on assembling your nighttime needs before plunging into the festival craziness. 

Once your camp area is up and running, it is but a leisurely 10-minute stroll or bus shuttle, separating the campervan fields from the pulsing heart of the festival. You’ll be amid the Glastonbury frolics before you can say “campervan”!

Power Source Considerations 

Please note that access to a 240v electric hook-up will not be available. However, don’t let that become a damper on your high spirits! Our campervans can operate seamlessly on the 12v leisure battery system and gas for a multitude of amenities such as hot water for a refreshing shower (Grand California only), refrigerator, cooker, heating, and lighting and of course, charging up your devices via USB.   

For extra power on the go consider taking a portable battery pack to keep your mobile phone topped up.  The campervans have a good amount of battery power but you can top it up if required using the solar panel (Grand California only) or by running the engine for a brief period.  

Water Management 

Arriving at Glastonbury with a full tank of fresh water (conveniently pre-filled by us at the point of collection) is strongly recommended. Usage of this vital resource should be sparing, as driving to a tap for a refill is not always feasible. However, rest assured, an onboard fresh water canister is at your disposal, should you need to replenish your fresh water tank.

We urge you to have minimal showers and practice water conservation as much as possible. 

Food and Beverages 

In the spirit of what is sure to be an adventure filled with cherished memories, ensure you arrive fully stocked with delicious food and chilled beverages in the fridge. This is your chance to fully enjoy your own preferred food and drink items, all at your convenience.

Are there any age restrictions for hiring a campervan for Glastonbury festival?

The age restrictions for hiring a campervan are set by the insurance companies, and not by us at Southampton Campers.  The industry standard is between 25 and 75 years of age and you’ll find this is generally the same whoever you might hire from as we all typically use the same market-leading insurance company.  

  • General age limits for campervan hire fall between 25 and 75 years of age. However, older drivers can sometimes be catered for.  Please give us a call and we can discuss the options.

Driving Requirements for hiring a Campervan for Glastonbury Festival 

Besides age, driving experience and identification play a significant role. To be eligible for hire you need: 

  • A full driving licence held by the hirer for a minimum duration of two years with less than 6 points and not been involved in more than one accident in 3 years.
  • Proof of identity.  In addition to your driver’s license photocard ID, you will be required to produce two additional forms of identification, such as:  Utility bills, Council Tax, mobile phone bill, etc.  There is a full comprehensive list on our website.

How much to hire a campervan for Glastonbury Festival?

Don’t you just crave for a bit of luxury amid all that music and merrymaking? Hiring a campervan for Glastonbury presents you with the perfect opportunity to add a unique, cosier twist to your festival experience. Now you might be thinking, ‘How much is this comfort going to set me back?’ Well, breathe a sigh of relief, because it’s not as pricey as you’d think! 

Remember: It’s the investment in your comfort and ease that makes the hire a genuine bargain.

We’ve compiled a concise table for you to check and compare the prices for a campervan hire during the Glastonbury festival period. The prices differ depending on which campervan you choose.  We’ve also included some of the optional extras that we think you may find useful.

Extra Driver
California Ocean£964£45£35£50£9.50BOOK
Grand California£1431£35£9.50BOOK

I cannot emphasise enough that booking your campervan well in advance will secure you a good deal and save you from the heartache of missing out on this fabulous festival experience. I mean, can you really put a price on comfort? 

  • Comfort: Our campervans are designed for your utmost comfort. Plush seats, a cozy bed, and all the amenities of home.
  • Flexibility: Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you choose when to start your day and how to spend it.
  • Freedom: With a campervan, there are no boundaries. It’s your rhythm, your blues.

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey packed with adventure, freedom and comfort? Don’t just attend Glastonbury…experience it! 

Book your campervan now. Create memories that will last a lifetime; make your Glastonbury dreams a reality. Time’s ticking, and the open road’s calling. Let’s hit the road, my friend. This journey belongs to you. 

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