What is a VW California Coast?

The VW California Coast is another of the Lifestyle vehicles available from the VW specialist vehicle unit. Based once again on the Transporter sized dimensions, the Coast sits in that middle position between the Beach and Ocean models.

The Coast is a self-contained campervan offering travelling and sleeping for up to four people. The two front passenger seats swivel 180 degrees to face inwards to create a relaxing lounge area and the rear bench seat can be converted easily into a bed.


The roof lifts up on gas struts to reveal the upper bed that has a comfortable mattress on top of a fully sprung base to give you a very restful nights sleep.

There is a fridge, sink and gas stove and ample amounts of storage for both food and all the essential camping gear that you need. The Coast also has two dedicated leisure batteries which provide 150 amp-hours.

There is also plenty of USB ports for charging devices as well as 12-volt power sockets to run your appliances. It’s a very comprehensive offering from VW.

Sharing more in common with its Ocean stablemate than the Beach, the Coast offers a similar camping experience to the Ocean but with a little less je ne sais quoi. Both have the same essential features. Kitchen cupboards, wardrobe, 30 L fridge and two gas burner hob.

The pop-top, of course, is present on both models as you would naturally expect but on the Ocean, it’s fully electric whereas the Coast has a manual one.

You can think of the Coast as the ‘L’ model and the Ocean as the ‘GLS’.


The Coast version of the California campervan sits in between the Beach and the Ocean range. It is considered to offer the best value for money of all the California range.

  • California Coast From £60.959

Prices correct as of 11th November 2021

VW California Coast interior

The VW California Coast has a light and airy feel about it. Bright wood has been chosen by VW to really lift the mood inside the campervan and create a really inviting atmosphere for you to unwind and relax in. The Coast has a unique design to its upholstery that sets it apart from the other models in the California lineup.

As standard, the glass windows inside the main living and sleeping area have the usual automotive tints but you can opt for a darker one in this section to make it more private. Built-in pull down blinds feature on most of the windows when you want to sleep or just shelter away from the outside world.

What is the difference between the VW California Ocean and Coast?

As already mentioned the Ocean is basically the ‘with bells on’ version of the Coast. Most things that are standard on the Ocean are an option on the Coast model. The most notable exception is the fully electric roof. This is only available on the Ocean.

One other Ocean only option is the choice of 4WD system. If you have your heart set on VW’s four-wheeled drive Haldex system then the Ocean is the only choice for you.

If you went crazy with the options list you could quite easily specify everything to match the Ocean but it wouldn’t make financial sense.

VW Calfornia Coast vs VW California Ocean

You may be wondering which of these two vehicles is the best?

It really depends on what’s important to you. If you are looking for a well made no-nonsense vehicle to allow you to have the full camping experience with the kitchen sink included then the Coast is hard to beat.

It’s perhaps the most budget-friendly campervan from VW and for those seeking the best value, it’s probably the right choice for you.

If you just want the full-fat experience with every possible extra then the Ocean is probably the way to go for you. Nothing on the Ocean feels extravagant, however. Most of the extra features on the Ocean do also serve a purpose. For example that electric pop-top roof is not just there for lazy people!

It can greatly assist the perhaps less able who struggle with the pulleys and straps of the manual roof. On a windy day, it can be quite the mission to close the manual pop-top roof.


The VW California models are both great vehicles, but they offer different things depending on what you’re looking for. The VW California Coast is a great value for the money, while the VW California Ocean is top of the line and has more features.

Ultimately whichever vehicle you choose, you’ll have invested in an amazing vehicle that will allow you to enjoy many memories and you’ll have that peace of mind knowing that your investment is backed by VW and has a strong residual resale value.

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