Why Autumn is the Best Season For Photographers

Updated: Jan 10

Campervan holidays seem to lend themselves to the summer months, with thousands of people travelling around the UK, experiencing new places and absorbing the beautiful weather. However, the autumn and winter seasons have so much more to offer photographers who want to get away and capture that perfect shot. With travelling abroad up in the air and out of the question for many in these uncertain times, now more than ever, why not plan a campervan photography holiday.

Picture this… You’re driving down the road with the soft morning breeze coming through the window, chasing the sunrise as if following it to the end of the earth, as burnt orange light begins to streak across the sky. Your photography partner is bustling away in the back of the campervan, preparing the equipment to take breath-taking shots on top of the mountain… Doesn’t that sound great? Many professional photographers find autumn to be their favourite season to hit the road, and here’s why:

The Golden Hours

Some of the best scenery photographs are taken during the golden hours, as the sun is

beginning to rise or fall, giving your surroundings a light, golden haze. However, during the summer months, the sun rises in the early hours of the morning, and sets well into the night, with sunrise happening as early as 4:30 am and sundown taking place around 10:30 pm. We know you want to get those images, but waking up at two in the morning to prepare the equipment and start your drive can take away some of the magic. In autumn, the days are considerably shorter, meaning that you can catch the 9:00 am sunrise without waking up at the crack of dawn, and late afternoon sunset, with plenty of time, left afterwards to cook a nice, warming meal in your campervan’s fully equipped kitchen, whilst on location.

Autumn Colours

Of course, the crisp orange and brown leaves are the epitomai of autumnal photographs, but

there are so many other weather situations that are unique to the autumn season which can add beautiful effects to your images. As the sun is less intense than the summer months, you are greeted by a softer light, which often makes photos clearer and more picturesque, as the harsh beam of light in summer can make it difficult to focus your images. Combine this with wisps of mist that sometimes roll in during the early hours, and you’ve got yourself a stunning picture. As your campervan has two tables inside, you also have plenty of room to do on-site photo processing, so that if you aren't quite happy with the image, you can simply try again!


It can be difficult to get that perfect scenery shot when you are surrounded by people, which is a

common occurrence in the height of summer. In autumn and winter, there are fewer tourists around, meaning you have more space and the opportunity to take all the photos you want. And don’t worry, your campervan will have plenty of secure, hidden storage units so that you have room for all of your photography gear, including tripods. With fewer people and more space, nothing is standing in your way!

Changeable Weather

The main reason people holiday in the summer is because of the higher chance of consistently

good weather. Although you need to be prepared for all weather eventualities in autumn and winter, the changeable climate makes for great spontaneity and the pursuit of photo locations much more exciting, as well as providing you with many more opportunities for varied and different types of images. The lower temperatures mean that there is less air pollution, making for the perfectly clear, crisp shot, incoming storms can mean breath-taking photographs, particularly over stormy seas, and the move from autumn to winter sparks the opportunity for frost covered scenery pictures and snowy mountain tops. And you’ll find the experience much more enjoyable knowing that you can instantly warm up afterwards thanks to your campervan’s powerful heating system, which can be used whilst on location.


If photographing animals is your thing, there are great opportunities to get unique photographs during the autumn months. As winter draws in, birds usually migrate to the south, which if you're quick makes for great shots. Autumn also allows for great deer photography, as it is a rutting season, and they will have recently shed their antler fur, making for crisp and clear photographs. We know that animal photography can mean persevering for a while to get that breath-taking action shot, which is why it’s great that our two camping leisure batteries in the campervan can ensure your camera batteries and laptops are fully charged, ready for a busy day of photography.

With all of this to offer and more, aren't you tempted to go on an autumn photography adventure? If so, check out our campervan availability on our website, and if you have any questions, please contact us on 07817 018 407, or by email at info@southamptonvwcamperhire.co.uk.

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