Our Top Five Predictions after Lockdown is Lifted in the UK

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Do you love to travel? Whether you like going abroad or prefer to staycation in the UK, 2020 has introduced a new ‘temporary’ way of living, also involving in all travel plans coming to a sudden halt. As some countries begin to lift the quarantine, with the UK included, we have some space to rethink our holiday plans, with a fresh opportunity this year to travel closer to home. The restrictions on holiday movement have been trying for many, but as we go into the next phase of the government plans, I decided to share what our five predictions will be after lockdown is fully lifted in the UK.

Starting with number one:

1. VAT Reductions

Unfortunately, many people have been impacted negatively by the coronavirus outbreak, and I think the government will be looking at ways to encourage spending, to kickstart the economy once restrictions begin to be lifted. Here is my prediction; VAT will be slashed to 15% either across the board, or exemptions made for the hardest hit business sectors, such as travel and leisure. This will be a temporary measure as the government will be looking to balance tax receipts against boosting the economy. As a whole, I think it’ll last for 18-24 months.

2. Staycation

The tail end of 2020, going into 2021 will see a massive rise in the UK staycation. People will be keen to go on holiday. However, they will also be nervous about travelling to foreign locations, due to the challenges that social distancing measures will have on air travel and in the holiday destination. I also believe that restrictions will be imposed on the older generation, resulting in a trip away in the UK, being the only option for some. Perhaps, Scotland and Wales will see a meteoric rise in demand, as people seek wide-open spaces that are easy to practice social distancing.

3. Self-contained holidays

As you can expect, social distancing will be a top priority for many, so people will be hesitant to even think about going on holiday. We expect (and hope) to see a spike in demand for self-contained campervans (from companies such as ourselves). While also seeing people deciding to go away with members of their household, rather than visiting a large hotel or B&B, where social distancing will be a challenge.

4. Contactless trading

I think it’s safe to say that some form of social distancing will be a part of our lives, for some time, at least until a vaccine is found. Over the last couple of years, the way retailers and consumers interact has evolved, however; I predict that more businesses will accelerate their online presence, where they might not have had one before. For us personally, we are looking at how we can allow our campervans to be picked up and returned with no contact. We are investigating online instructional videos to show our customers how to operate the campervan and offering contact-less key drop-off. In our eyes, this is just a start to how 2020 will unfold.

5. Later season

Although we have already missed the start of the Spring season, looking back over recent years, British weather has steadily progressed into warmer winters. So here is my prediction, we will see the ‘traditional’ holiday period (May - September), extend into October and November, at least for this year. People will be looking to use their holiday entitlement later in the year before they lose it and I’m optimistic that we will still have a strong season, albeit a protracted one. That’s five of my predictions, I’m intrigued to see how the second half of the year plays out, and I look forward to welcoming people again soon, as we enjoyed staycation adventures across the UK. If you have any questions about hiring a campervan with us, I would love to hear from you. You can call on 07817 018 407 or email info@southamptonvwcamperhire.co.uk.

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