Landscape Photography Road Trip

Whether it's a quick weekend getaway to get your photography fix or a more lenghty tour to finally get that elusive shot, a campervan makes a lot of sense for photographers.  

"Imagine loading out your gear in a luxury campervan,
heading for magnificent places, being ready at sunrise to shoot, capturing vibrant sunsets, processing your images whilst on-location and
then being able to move on to the next vista after a nice nap!"

John and Karen Deakin

Landscape Photographers

Features for Photographers

Photo Processing

The nifty table folds discreetly out of the way when not needed but provides a comfortable space to carry out your photo processing.  

Pull down blinds are on every window to help with any unwanted reflections.

Dimmable lighting throughout to achieve the perfect workspace..


On-board charging points are nearby to keep your laptop and devices happy,  all whilst parked up in your remote spot.

Dedicated Power

Two dedicated camping batteries ensure you never run out of juice.


  The clever on-board inverter can provide you with mains-power of up to 150w.  More than enough to run your Macbook Pro.


Plenty of power to charge up your camera batteries and run your laptop and that's in addition to powering the fridge!

Storage Space

tripods, lenses, bodies, batteries, whatever you need, the California has enough space to store it all.


 Everything can be stored out of sight away from prying eyes.  In addition to an ample boot, the California Ocean also features a wardrobe and cupboards, as well as a large under-bench storage area.  

You could pack the kitchen sink...but no need, we have that already!

Be Comfortable

The powerful onboard diesel heater will keep you nice and toasty. Completely self-contained and able to keep you warm for days on end whilst you are out in the wilderness at your favourite location.

Comfortable beds, double glazing and complete black-out blinds will ensure you get plenty of restful sleep.

Why a campervan for photographers?

As photographers, you'll appreciate the ability to wake up on-site at your favourite location.  Giving you more of the golden hours of sunrise to enjoy without getting up at ridiculous hours in the nearest B&B with a journey to the location ahead of you.

With a campervan you can arrive the night before at your chosen photographic destination, settle in and with the powerful heating system and the choice of two comfortable beds, you are sure to be nice and comfortable.  Open the blinds in the morning and you are already there.  Scoping out the view from the comfort of your cosy campervan.  

On location you can return to the campervan to check your shots on the laptop or simply return for a comfort break, and a nice mug of fresh tea or to get a welcome blast from the amazing heating system.  The campervan gives you the ability to stretch out your shooting hours, stay as long as you like whilst waiting for that glorious sunset.

If the weather has turned overnight or if there is anything that is making the location not quite right, you can simply head off to another spot.  Having a campervan gives you that ultimate freedom to react and change your plans in the pursuit of that perfect landscape.

It's not just us that think campervans could well be your best photographic asset, Landscape Photographers & You Tubers Karen and Jon Deakin and the fabulous Thomas Heaton also agree. 

Thomas Heaton

Popular YouTuber and Landscape photography talks about the technical aspects of photography, composition and processing.

In this episode, see how he gets on with his first campervan road trip.

The Travelling Togs

The Travelling Togs are a husband and wife team who are passionate about landscape photography.  They cover the more practical side of photography regarding locations. and keeping comfortable.

In this episode we join them on a fantastic tour around Skye.

Nature Shot

Thomas Heaton,


...looking at it from a landscape photography point of view, it's incredibly valuable.  The ability to go on location, stay overnight and wake up on site, being out in nature.

You will never, ever, regret it.


Its freedom, complete freedom .

Image by Annie Spratt

Karen Deakin,


Would we recommend travelling and living in this van to photographers? Undoubtedly and without hesitation, absolutely yes! The adventures and photographic opportunities the VW California Ocean has provided us... have to date been incredible. It has simply become one of the most prized assets in our photographic armoury. 

Final thoughts

If you are on the fence about hiring a campervan to help your photography, then I urge you to watch Thomas Heatons' series about campervan road trips.  It's packed with great location ideas and photography tips to get the most out of your camera adventures.

For a non-obligation quote on how a campervan can help you in your photographic pursuits click the button below, or simply give us a call or drop us an email.  We would love to help you plan your adventure!

The brand new, VW California. Your perfect photography assistant.



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