Out of Season Campervan Activities

While campervan hire in the summer is very popular, we also hire our stunning vans throughout the year for a range of off-season activities. Because they have heating and all the creature comforts you would expect from a Volkswagen California there really is no limit to when you can hire one and hit the road. Winter camper hire is an amazing way to have a mega cosy weekend away too!

Photography Trip Campervan Hire

One of the most popular reasons people hire a campervan in the Autumn, Winter or Spring is for photography.


Many of the most scenic spots can look even better in the other seasons and there are certainly some stunning shots to be had on a clear winter’s day regardless of location. There are far less tourists about too, the roads around beauty spots are less busy and so on. We hire our campers out to groups or single photographers throughout the year.

We often get told being able to drive and stay at a location means there is no chance of missing the light or that one special moment whereas staying in a local hotel means a lot of travel and standing around outside. With a camper you can simply stay warm and dry until you are ready to start shooting.

Snowboard and Ski Trip Camper Hire

Hiring a campervan for a ski trip is becoming more and more popular. It is a great way to see the country you are visiting and there is nothing quite like gradually driving up the mountains seeing more and more snow as the excitement builds. For some customers they don’t choose to stay in the camper all the time and just use it as a very comfortable base for daily trips.

Others enjoy heading to different locations and sleeping in the heated vans. Our campers have plenty of room for ski gear but we do ask people take care when loading in and out as boards and skis can cause a bit of damage.


The drive across to the French alps and other locations can be a wonderful part of the trip, our vans are built for long runs so they are certainly the right vehicle for the job.


For more information on campervan ski hire please get in touch and we can discuss your plans with you. 

Hire a Camper for Bird Watching

The UK plays host to a massive range of birdlife form native species to migratory birds stopping off. We often get bookings in the winter months from birders looking to head up to Scotland or off to the Norfolk Broads, for example.


Our campervans are perfect for a bird watching trip, they offer a warm and dry place to cook, eat and sleep and a perfect base for hikes into more wild country. Bird watching can often involve being flexible with your location depending on news about various sightings and a campervan really is ideal for this. If you hear about a sighting you simply jump in and drive!

Campervan Hire for Hiking and Walking

As with birding and photography hiring a camper for a Autumn, Winter of Spring walking holiday is ideal. Each day can be planned around loops leading back to your mobile location. Rather than trying to walk from a hotel each day you can simply move to different destinations.

Some customers even drop the van at the end location and jump on a bus back to the start. The idea of knowing you have a cosy camper waiting at the end is a lovely prospect and sleeping “outside” really adds to the experience of being out walking in nature all day.


Our campervans are warm, dry and well equipped and make a great place to relax and absorb the days sights, sound and smells. 

Campers for Surf Trips

While a lot of people assume surfing happens in the Summer, people who surf know this is very rarely the case. Good surf tends to start appearing in the UK from the Autumn right through until Spring.

Surf trips to Cornwall, Devon, South Wales and other locations like Scotland are very popular and there is no doubt  VW camper goes well with surfing!


Our vans make the perfect mobile base to explore new breaks and be flexible depending on conditions. If the wind goes offshore in another location it is easy to pack up and head over.

Dawn patrols work well from a camper too because you can normally stay very close to the beach and just jump out of bed, suit up and paddle out.

Other Activities

We have customers hiring our campervans for a huge range of trips and activities during the off season. Climbing trips, caving, running, cycling and so much more. If you are looking for a camper hire company that stays open and provides all season vans then get in touch today!


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