While summer and spring are the ideal seasons for holiday-goers and travel enthusiasts when it comes to campervanning, we find that there is a huge appetite for people wanting to go away during the autumn period. Over the years we have found that there are many benefits to travelling in autumn compared to travelling in peak seasons.


Now the glass half empty amongst us may think; ‘it’s too cold’ or that ‘it gets dark too early’. However, for the more adventurous of you; a heater will keep you warm, and think of the beautiful autumn sunsets and sunrises, you’ll see’. We also don’t think there is anything better than finishing off a long walk in a countryside pub!

Photo of a dog inside of a VW campervan.
An autumn road landscape photograph.


  • Overall, there will be fewer crowds
  • Less of a chance of campsites being booked up
  • Cosy campfires (where allowed) and toasting marshmallows (of course!)
  • Children are back at school, which indicates cheaper rates
  • Cooler nights to enjoy a campfire
    Fewer insect bites
  • Beautiful autumn colours in the forest, which is an excellent opportunity for photographers who specialise in landscape work
  • Beautiful sunsets, with vivid colours
  • Hearty meals cooked on the gas burner
  • Enjoy an open fire in a rural country pub

These are just a few of the benefits of travelling in the autumn season!


  • As the nights do draw in earlier, try to arrive at your next campsite or destination when it’s still light
  • Think about rain runoff, before pitching at the bottom of a hill, as this could get muddy!
  • If it’s windy, try to pitch with the back of the campervan into the wind and the side door on the leeward side. The roof is a wedge shape and will deflect the wind, up and over, if set up correctly
  • If the kids are joining you, maybe pick a campsite that caters for indoor activities, including an indoor swimming pool and climbing frames
  • Check your gear before you go and ensure you have different outfits to cater to our typical English autumn weather i.e. remember a rain jacket!
  • Keep a flashlight nearby as you will be travelling in darker periods, it’s handy to have a torch
A two tone VW campervan for hire from Southampton, in a forest car park.

“‘Is a campervan trip the right choice for me during the autumn season”? The simple answer is yes! Going away in autumn is right for everyone as long as you are aware that the experience might be slightly different from going away in summer. The long answer is still yes, but there are opportunities throughout autumn that some travellers might prefer over others.

1. Photographers

We have many landscape photographers book with us during autumn and winter as they like to take advantage of the beautiful sunsets and sunrises, using the VW California Campervan in the background. As well there is an opportunity to capture the autumn colours, spot wildlife and explore country paths.

2. Retired Couples

Going away in autumn is a great bonus if you are retired. Not only do you have the luxury of free time on your hands, but you can also enjoy travelling in quieter periods, without families and children being around.

3. Couples

While it’s more difficult for families to get time off during autumn, because the kids are in school, for couples this is a great advantage. With the flexibility to (hopefully) book off work, you can head out with your other half to enjoy time away together, whilst it’s also not too busy.

To top it all off, if you are lucky enough to have a clear night, you can enjoy seeing the galaxy of stars while lying underneath the panoramic pop-top in your VW California Campervan. Have we convinced you? If so, you can see our availability on our website, and if you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact us on 07817 018 407 or email: info@southamptonvwcamperhire.co.uk.