Campervan Gift Vouchers

Share the experience and the joys that a campervan holidays brings with a special someone.  Why not treat them with a gift voucher? Stripped back, simple holidays that bring everyone together. 

Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, Mother or Father's Day and any other Special Day in between.

How to purchase a campervan gift voucher?

We've made it super easy to buy campervan gift vouchers.  Fill out the form on this page by selecting how much the voucher should be for, enter the email address of the recipient, add any personalised message and we will send them an e-voucher.

How does it work?

When you make a purchase, the recipient will automatically receive an email with a voucher attached. The email will detail who has sent them the gift, the amount the voucher is for and their unique voucher code to redeem during our campervan booking process. They will also recieve any personalised messages. The purchaser will recieve an email receipt confirming the transaction. 

The recipient doesn't have an email address

No problem.  You can enter your own email address during the checkout process.  You might then like to print it out and hand-deliver it to the lucky recipient.

Can you delay sending the voucher?

Behind the scenes, it's all automatic, so we can't delay the process, but you can always have the e-voucher emailed to yourself, and then you can distribute it manually to fit in with any surprise dates.

How do you redeem the voucher?

Once the lucky recipient has received their voucher, they can head on over to our booking system.  When they have selected their preferred campervan and chosen their dates, they will have the opportunity to enter the voucher code during that booking process.  Their balance will then be reduced by the gift voucher amount.

Anything we should know about beforehand?

Yes.  The gift voucher codes are valid for 2 years but can only be used once.  Whoever is going to drive the campervan should be between the ages of 25 - 75 (75+ may be possible but please check with us first) and have a full license with at least 2 years driving experience.  They should also be able to provide proof of address when they book, but you can find out more about that here.

The vouchers can be used as part payment towards a service of a higher value. The vouchers may be exchanged for services of a higher price than the face value of the voucher on payment of the difference and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Campervan Gift Voucher

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