How much to hire a VW campervan?

It costs between £644 and £1,373 per week, depending on the model and the time of year. The compact Ocean model will cost £644 in the low season and the larger Grand model will cost £1,473 in the high season.

How much it ultimately costs to hire a VW campervan for a holiday is also impacted by a number of other things that you need to be aware of and plan accordingly.

How much to Hire a VW California Ocean?

The average cost to hire the Ocean model is £885 for 7 nights in Summer.

This includes 1 gas bottle refill, unlimited mileage and fully comprehensive insurance for one driver.

Our Weekend hires run from Friday to Monday. We are closed Sundays.

Our minimum hire period is 2 nights.

* For August we only allow a minimum hire period of 7 nights, you may bring the vehicle back earlier, but the 7-night minimum charge still applies.


How much to Hire a VW Grand California?

The average price to hire the Grand model is £1,310 for 7 nights in Summer.

This includes 1 full gas bottle, 875 miles per week and fully comprehensive insurance for one driver.

Our Weekend hires run from Friday to Monday. We are closed Sundays.

Our minimum hire period is 2 nights.

* For July – August we only allow a minimum hire period of 7 nights, you may bring the vehicle back earlier, but the 7-night minimum charge still applies.


VW California Ocean Vs VW Grand California – Price comparison

To make it easy for you, we have placed the weekly hire costs side by side for you to conviently compare prices.

The main difference between the two vehicles are the size and facilities. The Grand California has an onboard toilet and shower, whereas the California Ocean does not.


What to consider when budgeting to hire a VW campervan

After the main obvious price of renting the vehicle, there are a number of other expenses that you need to think about. Mostly this is going to be determined by what you are planning to do on your trip.

Where to stay


Campsites are usually plentiful but come with a range of different amenities and features for every budget. Some are luxurious, whilst others offer basic facilities. Prices vary hugely from £12 – £45 per night.

Free locations

It is possible to find free places to stay overnight. We supply our vehicles with a copy of the Bristops book. This is a printed directory only (no online version) of all the public houses in the UK that will allow you to stay overnight for free. The general understanding here is that the landlord would be delighted to serve you a drink or an evening meal, but it’s not compulsory.

You can also make use of the park4night app to find spots to stay the night free of charge. Generally, these are to be used discreetly, arrive late and leave early.


You can expect about 32 mpg on the Grand 600 and 37 mpg on the Ocean. If you are only planning to go to the New Forest then the fuel you need will be minimal as it’s pretty much on our doorstep. However, a tour around Scotland or even further afield is going to require a lot more fuel and you should definitely consider this in your budget.

Food and drink

With a VW campervan, you have the opportunity to cook all of your meals within. This means not only can it be cheaper than eating out but also allows for recipes that are easy on time or can be whipped up simply, by the side of the road. Of course, this is a holiday, so budget for some nice meals in the local pub or restaurant.

Toll Roads

Depending on your plans, this may or may not be a consideration. We don’t have many Toll Roads in the UK but it is worthwhile checking in advance what the current prices are. Keep in mind that depending on the VW campervan model you are hiring, this may affect what price bracket it falls into due to its size.

In Europe, some toll roads insist on a pass that is paid for in advance and attached to the windscreen. You are then automatically charged (or credits depleted) on each toll road you use. Again, be sure to check in advance to avoid any surprises.

Ferry Crossings

If you are planning on a visit to the nearby Isle of Wight or going over to France then the price of the Ferry is another charge that you will need to factor into your VW campervan hire holiday budget. Usually, the ticket fee is calculated on the length of the vehicle.

The length of the Ocean model is 4.9 metres. To keep the cost down you can usually select the ‘Large SUV’ option rather than declaring it as a van. The Grand 600 is 5.9 metres in length so be sure to book it appropriately.

Parking Charges

Another fee that is frequently forgotten about but can easily mount up, are the rising car park charges. Especially if you forget to pay! Last year we saw a significant increase in Parking Violation notices. Car parks are using more and more sophisticated technology to record your number plate so be sure to check the signs before you leave your vehicle.


If you are going to a festival that also offers camping, then check what the rules are about entrance fees. Most of the smaller, family orientated festivals are happy for you to bring the campervan free of charge but most of the larger Festivals aren’t.

Camp Bestival, which is a favourite with our customers, has a dedicated camping area for campervans but it is an additional charge on top of your festival admission ticket.

Mileage allowances

The Ocean type comes with unlimited mileage included whereas the Grand model has a limit of 125 miles per day. Usually, that meets 90% of customers needs, but for those of you that think you will use up the 875 weekly mileage allowance, you’ll need to consider the additional charges for going over the allotted amount.

Personal Holiday\Travel Insurance

The insurance to cover the vehicle is included in your hire fees. Insurance to cover your personal items, if you drop your phone for example or are unlucky enough to have something stolen from the vehicle, is not covered by our policy and you will need your own, separate personal policy for these scenarios.

This additional insurance should also cover you if you need to cancel the holiday. You may find that you already have this level of cover included as a perk with your bank account. We always recommend customers ensure they have their own insurance in place to cover them for any eventuality.

What’s included in the cost of hiring a VW campervan?

Everything to make your campervan hire holiday stress-free and to get you up and running the moment you arrive is included.

  • Full Comprehensive campervan insurance is included for one driver.
  • Gas for cooking/heating is included.
  • Access to the Britstops printed directory. Each vehicle has a copy of the Britstops directory for you to borrow while using the vehicle.
  • An outside portable BBQ with two gas canisters.
  • Free parking for 1 car in our secure yard.
  • Unlimited mileage in the California Ocean model, 875 miles per week allowance for the Grand California.
  • Free safety net for toddlers to keep them safe in the upper beds.
  • A comprehensive hand-over to ensure you feel happy and confident on how to operate the vehicle.
  • 24 hr Breakdown cover for both the UK and European destinations.
  • 24 hr support from our team of VW campervan experts.
  • Privilege Club membership to The Camping and Caravanning Club.
  • All the kitchen items that you could reasonably expect, enough for four place settings.
  • All California models come with 2 x outside chairs and an outside table.

What’s not included when hiring a VW campervan?

We’ve already covered these a bit more in depth earlier but as a reminder;

  • Campsites
  • Fuel
  • Food and drink
  • Toll Roads
  • Ferry crossings
  • Parking
  • Personal Travel Insurance

Any other charges to be aware of?

Security Deposit

It’s a standard practice to leave a security deposit when hiring a campervan. It’s not really a true cost, more of a ‘pending payment’ that is completely returned to you when the vehicle is handed back in the same condition you collected it.

We only apply a reservation marker over the card that you designate, this keeps the funds on stand-by should they be needed. Even though no money is actually debited for the security deposit, you should ensure that your card has enough credit on it to cover the amount.

Depending on your plans, you may need to consider some add-ons that are available for your trip. Some are compulsory and others are there just to make life a little bit easier.

Travel to Europe

If you want to take the vehicle to Europe then you must also purchase the European Travel package. This covers our costs to arrange the necessary permits and documents that you need whilst adventuring abroad.

Countries such as France and Germany require “Clean Air certificates” or Vignettes, to be displayed on the windscreen. A VE103R document is also required for UK hire vehicles travelling into Europe. We will also ensure that you have a European travel kit that contains items such as a breathalysers and High Viz jackets.

Porta Potti

If you are planning on hiring our go-anywhere Ocean model then you may want to consider taking this optional portable toilet. It’s easy and convenient to use and stows away nicely in the boot.

The clever design of the Thetford 355 means it’s easy to operate and keep clean, with no nasty-niffs to worry about. Ideal for avoiding those night-time trips to the campsite toilet! Comes supplied with the required chemicals. Just supply toilet paper.

Additional Driver

You may want to add this option to share driving duties. Perfect for a longer tour, or perhaps your partner is just itching to have a try!

For a full list of items to compliment your experience, please check out our Extras.


There are certainly a few extra things above and beyond the obvious cost of hiring the vehicle to think about, but a lot of items covered here won’t apply to everyone. Hiring a campervan is certainly going to be a different experience than a traditional package holiday but you are getting the flexibility to go wherever you please whilst still being in the comfort of your home-away-from-home.

So what are you waiting for? Book your VW campervan rental holiday today and start planning some unforgettable memories!

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